The most common danger, damage to light fixtures and property

Light Fixture RatingsThe most common danger, damage to light fixtures and or property damage that Amax Electrical Services sees in the field are due to using a higher wattage light bulb in a fixture than what that fixture is rated for. Another common danger and fire hazard is installing a light dimmer that is not rated for the light bulb or lamps that its serving.

There are about four common types of dimmers, incandescent, CFL/fluorescent, LED and dimmers that are rated for use with all the above. When replacing fluorescent light bulbs with new ones and the light does not work, you most likely need a new ballast. The ballast is located inside the fixture and it is common for them to degrade and stop working over time. Try to avoid using any light fixtures that is not UL listed or have a UL label on it.

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